Permakultúra – môže zveľadenie kúska zeme zachrániť svet? | Patrícia Černáková | TEDxBratislava

Permakultúra je spôsob hospodárenia s pôdou udržateľným spôsobom, ktoré sa čo najviac snaží priblížiť prírode. Patricia je diplomovaná permakultúrna dizajnérka a jedna z najväčších odborníčok na permakultúru na Slovensku. Ako dcéra priekopníka permakultúry v bývalom Československu, Karola Končka, sa s permakultúrou stretávala už od detstva. Vo svojom vystúpení spomína názorné príklady, ako naším konaním ovplyvňujeme […]

AMP up your leadership | Rick Sherwood | TEDxABQED

Want to learn how to AMP up your classroom? Three simple words can make a bigger impact than you think: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. As a technologist and leader, Rick explains how these three words from Dan Pink’s book “Drive” have transformed his team into a highly productive and motivated unit and how it can […]

Validating teaching as a profession | Zachary Leonard | TEDxABQED

In the face of low teacher morale, severe teacher shortages, and other challenges facing educators today, Zachary proposes a new model to transform the culture of the teaching profession. Known as the 60/40 model, he showcases a structural change that both catalyzes progress and increases teacher engagement based on his work as a STEM professional […]

How mentorship can modernize our education system | Chad McDaniel | TEDxABQED

Chad McDaniel knows first hand why traditional education is failing the modern student…he was one. Students are disengaged by a system that rewards repetition and memorization. Chad underscores the need for mentors and aligning education with the modern student so they will stay engaged and develop an ability to adapt to their rapidly evolving world. […]

Le frontiere del lavoro: creatività, diversità, emotività | Francesca Chialà | TEDxSantAnnaSchool

Francesca Chialà ci parla delle nuove frontiere del lavoro e di come queste tre sfere saranno sempre più determinanti in futuro. Board of directors at “Teatro dell’Opera di Roma”, Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager at HRLink. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a […]

Future of work: Workless or work less | Nikos Komninos and Carmen Oprea | TEDxAthens

In the dawn of the 4th Industrial revolution, new questions emerge regarding the future of work: Will the robots take our jobs? Will technology create new opportunities? How can we stay competitive in an ever-changing world? Carmen Oprea engages in a fireside chat with Nikos Komninos. Carmen Oprea Carmen Oprea wants to live in a […]

FLIP IT | Saurabh Kaushik | TEDxABVIIITMG

FLIP IT by Saurabh Kaushik – An idea and a strategy for you to be the change that makes a difference propelling humanity towards making our world a better place for generations to come. It focuses on uplifting the quality of your own life and that of many more by first flipping your own mindset. […]

Escaping Society’s Predetermined Version of You | Bharat Sethi | TEDxABVIIITMG

Bharat Sethi, A Serial Entrepreneur who himself started out early to follow his passion and disrupt the design market tells us how the society always wants to make us somebody that we are not.Our life is full of a given set of rules that all of us have to follow. It’s better being a rebel […]

Create Your Own Yes, When You Keep Hearing No | Angela Marie Hutchinson | TEDxCulverCity

Angela Marie Hutchinson talks about how to “Create Your Own Yes, When You Keep Hearing No”. This powerful and entertaining talk illustrates methods to create your own opportunities. Angela Marie Hutchinson is a writer, producer, casting director and former talent agent. She has authored six books available on Amazon, including a comedic adventure memoir, “BReaKiNG […]

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