Stigmatizácia sexbiznisu v praxi | Iveta Chovancová | TEDxBratislava

Iveta nám vo svojom emotívnom rozprávaní ponúka odpoveď, čo môžme urobiť tu a teraz pre ženy pracujúce v sexbiznise. Ako spoločnosť totiž často krát odscudzujeme tieto ženy bez toho, aby sme vedeli, čo stálo za ich rozhodnutím. Iveta sa snaží rúcať mýty, ktoré panujú o týchto ženách. Stigmatizácia žien pracujúcich žien v sexbiznise totiž vedie […]

Sufletul nu poate fi photoshopat | Ana Morodan | TEDxAlbaIulia

Ana vorbeste cu sinceritate despre industria modei, despre trucurile folosite pentru o imagine perfecta si despre imaginea femeii in societate. Sute de aplicatii vor putea sa ne schimbe imaginea in poze si in mediile sociale, dar nimeni nu va putea inventa o aplicatie de schimbat suflete. Unul dintre primii bloggeri de stil personal din Europa […]

Alaa alsarraj: What make you successful? |TEDxAlmogran | Alaa Alsarraj | TEDxAlmogran

Alaa Alsarraj is a business owner, who has encountered many hardships in order to get where she is today, and be successful in her field. Alaa left her field of medicine to pursue a career in business, where her passion lies, but she encountered many obstacles. She will be speaking to us about these obstacles […]

What kind of ingredient are you? | Eleutheria Zourou | TEDxAUEB

Eleftheria Zourou is the CEO of DOCTORANYTIME.GR, an idea that brings her closer to what she dreamt of: an easier, faster and more patient friendly access to the Greek healthcare system. During her speech she explains how essential is the variety in a group concerning to the professional background and the character of its members […]

L’impresa al femminile parte dal cuore | Filomena Pucci | TEDxBrescia

Filomena Pucci è una raccoglitrice di storie esemplari di donne imprenditrici e ci racconta come l’approccio nel fare impresa del mondo femminile parta dal cuore, dai bisogni personali che portano a soluzioni e che diventano aziende di servizi e prodotti. Filomena Pucci è una scrittrice e pensa da sempre che raccontare storie sia il modo […]

How to be less ordinary | Natalia Talkowska | TEDxDIT

Natalia Talkowska is the founder of Natalka Design – creative agency specialising in visual communication delivering projects globally, helping people think and do more creatively, visualising ideas and innovating how we communicate. They’re experts in turning often complex messages in pitches and campaigns into simple visual narratives in an easy to understand, memorable way, to […]

An Unconventional Way To Shatter Glass Ceiling. | Audrey Joe-Ezigbo | TEDxCalabar

The conversation about the needs of women are met with snide and sometimes out rightly hostile remarks. Culture and religion have given women a construct of submission at all costs. Society has internalized a double standard that allows women to either bow down and accept the status quo, or be treated like outcasts and oddities […]

Reclaiming Humanity at Work | Patty Azzarello | TEDxNavesink Business leaders avoid unstructured conversation because it seems messy, or un-businesslike, and therefore risky. But the real risk comes from never getting to the bottom of why people are stalling, blocking, or disengaged. It’s trading a superficial level of comfort in the moment for a slow-moving train wreck down the road. Getting business moving […]

Disconnect to Connect: The Path to Work-Life Harmony | Amy Vetter | TEDxCincinnati

In this talk, Amy will reveal how you can achieve work-life harmony by pivoting, rather than making extreme changes in your career. She will share her personal insights on how to discover and connect with your authentic self to better align your career path and personal ambitions with what you really want in life. @amyvettercpa […]

Solving financial exclusion through collective intelligence | Benedetta Arese Lucini | TEDxCrocetta

Solving financial exclusion through collective intelligence by re-writing “one size fits all” products. What if your smartphone helped you become financially literate and healthy? With algorithms and collective intelligence, Oval Money lets you track your spending while proposing savings and investments. Benedetta Arese Lucini, 33 years old, graduated in Economics from Bocconi University and received […]

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