The endangered crested ibises saved back in NW China

“Crested ibis live in a particular environment. I hope to see them fly freely, not being encaged.” Says Li Xia, a professional protector of crested ibis. For nearly 10 years, he put himself in the mountains at Ningshan County, Shaanxi Province, defending both his mission and his faith… Read the full story: Subscribe to us […]

ICON: Grace Ge Gabriel

Grace Ge Gabriel is the driving force behind the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in China. Grace is a strong voice in the fight to reduce the devastating impact wildlife trade has on tigers, elephants, bears and many other endangered species. She participated in the development of China’s first Animal Welfare Law and was […]

Siberian tigers: Your questions answered

CGTN has collected your questions about Siberian tiger protection and their habit, and we visited Hunchun National Nature Reserve, a major reserve for Siberian tigers in Jilin, to get answers from an expert. Lang Jianmin is director of the scientific research and publicity center at the reserve. This is your chance to learn everything you […]

China’s foresters turned park rangers train covert cameras on rising tiger

Tracking tigers may seem exciting and dangerous, yet for Sun Quan, it is his daily work. Sun used to be a forester in Wangqing, northeast China’s Jilin Province, but now heads a bureau in charge of protecting the area’s trees and wildlife as conservation has been given more importance under the current Chinese leadership. Tiger […]

Sri Lankan navy rescues elephant washed out to sea

Sri Lanka’s navy rescued an elephant which got washed out to sea, a spokesman said Wednesday, calling it a “miraculous escape”. The spokesman said the navy mounted the 12-hour rescue after spotting the elephant struggling to stay afloat around eight kilometers off the island’s northeast coast. (Source: AFP) Subscribe to us on YouTube: Watch […]

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