At least 27 dead in wildfires as Portugal declares state of public emergency

At least 27 people died, and 51 left injured in devastating wildfires that have ravaged forests in Portugal since Sunday, reported the country’s civil protection agency on Monday. Portugal’s government has declared a state of public emergency in all regions north of the Tagus River, a territory about half the size of continental Portugal. Subscribe […]

California wildfires have killed at least 21 people

Wildfires sweeping across California have killed at least 21 people and are yet to be brought under control in the northern regions. California State Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in eight counties. More than 300 fire engines and firefighting crews had been ordered from elsewhere around the country. Subscribe to us on […]

Wildfires cause Californians to flee, sift through burned homes

Residents raced through walls of fire in search of safety only to later return to find their homes reduced to charred rubble or loved ones who didn’t make it out.

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