World Insight: Alarm over pile up of worn electric vehicle batteries

The Chinese Ministry of Transport is expected to meet the 2020 goal of having 300,000 new electric vehicles by the end of this year, three years ahead of schedule. That may make the challenge of battery recycling even more daunting. A recent report said power battery waste in China could jump in the coming years, […]

China’s latest, fastest ‘Skytrain’ begins trial runs

China’s fastest suspension railway line has been put in trial operation in Qingdao, eastern China’s Shandong Province. Nicknamed the ‘Skytrain’, the elevated monorail is already breaking records, while still in its testing phase. Engineers say it can perform nearly three times better than regular subway trains and can ascend gradients of 100 meters over a […]

6 INSANE VEHICLES You Didn’t know Existed Part 1

6 INSANE VEHICLES You Didn’t know Existed Part 1 💗 Subscribe Now: 💗 Do you want your product featured on the show? EMAIL US: [Show More] Links: BMW VISION NEXT 100 Aeyo Skate Bike Beauer DTV Shredder Home EDWARD – Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping EO Smart Connecting […]

Two wheels, two centuries: Happy 200th birthday to the bicycle

Monday marks the official birthday of the bicycle. Two hundred years ago, Karl von Drais rode his invented two-wheeled vehicle from Mannheim to a coaching inn about five miles away, which took him a little more than an hour. Two hundred years later, there are still millions of people across the world using the two-wheeled […]

Transport ministry to introduce credit system for bike-sharing

With bike-sharing companies having ballooned in China over the past year, the country’s top transport authority is to establish a credit system in order to help regulate the market. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Watch CGTN Live: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): […]

How China has integrated with Russia and Mongolia

‍Since 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative has become the centerpiece of China’s economic diplomacy. The essence of the concept is to promote regional and cross-continental connectivity between China and Eurasia. In China’s northeast, which is under the China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor, a new transportation hub is emerging to lead the region’s revitalization. Subscribe to us […]

Watch the perilous journey to bring wind turbine blades to the top of a mountain

Watch the perilous journey to bring wind turbine blades to the top of a mountain

These trucks deliver 172-foot-long wind turbine blades to a site on a steep mountain in China. Read more: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR:

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