Russian Foreign Minister warns against scrapping the 2015 Iran nuclear accord

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has warned against scrapping the 2015 Iran nuclear accord. Lavrov said its failure would be an “alarming signal” for international security. US President Donald Trump has threatened to pull Washington out of the deal, unless lawmakers vote to amend certain sections regarding America’s involvement. However, Russia said Trump could not […]

Putin: Russia will adhere to arms treaty if US does

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Moscow will respond in kind if the US quits the joint nuclear forces treaty. He made the remarks Thursday at a forum with scholars, adding that Russia will also develop new weapons systems in response to other countries doing the same. Putin also said the new round of […]

UN nuclear watchdog chief: No problems with Iran

The chief of the UN’s atomic watchdog says his inspectors haven’t encountered problems with Iran, despite Trump’s comments to the contrary. International Atomic Energy Agency Director-General Yukiya Amano said the organization would continue checking in on Iran to ensure it sticks to the deal’s terms. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on […]

IRGC vows to boost Iran’s missile capabilities

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has pledged to push ahead with the nation’s ballistic missile program, in defiance of pressure from the US and EU. The Revolutionary Guards says Iran will boost its missile capabilities under sanctions and extend its influence in the region. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on […]

Donald Trump no longer certifies Iran nuclear deal

President Trump declined to certify Iranian compliance of a two-year-old international agreement meant to curb Tehran’s nuclear development. After hearing Trump’s threat, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tehran will remain committed to the deal as long as it serves the national interests, but will not renegotiate the terms. The Iran nuclear deal was struck back […]

Domestic and foreign critics gang up on Trump for leaving pact

Prior to the latest developments in Washington, a long queue of critics from home and abroad had already formed to rail against Trump, for his intention to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): […]

Trump decertifies Iran deal, threatens to withdraw

US President Donald Trump struck a blow against the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement on Friday in defiance of other world powers, choosing not to certify that Tehran is complying with the deal and warning he might ultimately terminate it. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our […]

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