South Of France performance | South of France | TEDxBoulder South Of France is an indie-pop band that was initially started by multi-intstrumentalist/producer/songwriter Jeff Cormack in 2012. Inspired by his love for retro guitar-pop, it began as a spare-time, lo-fi, garage rock project until Jeff was lucky enough to meet singer/songwriter Kelly Lueke in Los Angeles. They quickly realized they had astonishingly similar taste […]

American Cheese Revolution | Zach Berg | TEDxLivoniaCCLibrary

The American Cheese Market has shifted towards connectivity and transparency over the last 30 years. Learn how these market changes benefit and challenge the American Dairy Farmer/Cheese maker. Zach Berg grew up cooking his way through Metro Detroit. After attending Michigan State University’s Hospitality School, Zach got a job working at Zingerman’s Deli in Ann […]

#MeToo movement shines a light on sexual harassment

The viral movement, sparked by the sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein, encourages women to share their own experiences of sexual abuse and harassment and has garnered over 12 million posts on Facebook.

Athletes defend NFL protests amidst Trump’s condemnations

Star athletes and coaches from different sports, including Lebron James, have stepped forward to defend pro-football players’ right to protest during the national anthem in support of equality.

Hamas accepts reconciliation demands over Gaza Strip

An official statement shows the Islamic Hamas movement is ready to hand over the Gaza Strip to the consensus government of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The group also agreed to dissolve the Gaza Administrative Committee and to hold general elections in the West Bank. The announcement helps clear the way for a reconciliation, which failed […]

The Frog Around Us | Mirza Kusrini | TEDxJakarta

Indonesia is the largest exporter of frog’s legs, but many of her citizen have yet to be acquainted properly with this amphibian. In this talk, Mirza Kusrini explains how we can learn so much about our environment by getting to know them and why we should be worried when they’re not around our house anymore. […]

If you can’t bring the children to learn science. | Firly Savitri | TEDxJakarta

We all know the importance of understanding science. But if we find it disinteresting as a child, we may find it harder to bring ourselves to understand it later in life. Even worse to the disenfranchised. Firly understand this, and she considers the low percentage of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) graduates in Indonesia […]

The Future History of Art | Ryan Mayberry | TEDxWinnipeg

What if each painting could tell you it’s history? This idea may revolutionize the art world. Ryan Mayberry is the founder of ArtMoi, the world’s first cloud based artwork registry that can track the lifespan of a single work of art. He is a software engineer and partner at Mayberry Fine Art and Consignor Auctions […]

How art can be used to bring positive change | Louise Deininger | TEDxDonauinsel

How art can be used as a means to bring about positive change Louise is a conceptual artist whose work focuses on human consciousness and various other multi-disciplinary subjects. As part of her artistic work, she made a documentary film, “DNA of War”, inspiring her to initiate Gulu Youth Conference GUYCO and the Austrian Impact […]

You can save a person’s life | Valija Sap | TEDxVilnius

In her talk Valija invites us to take a look at how each of us could contribute to suicide prevention. After watching this talk you will be equiped with knowledge of concrete steps and won’t be able not to take actions. Since April 2014, Valija has been coordinating suicide prevention work group in Kupiskis district […]

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