From war hero to white coat: A wounded veteran’s journey to Harvard Medical School

Seven years before Greg Galeazzi put on a white coat at Harvard Medical School, he wore Army fatigues while serving a year-long deployment in Afghanistan. In May 2011 a roadside bomb tore off Captain Galeazzi’s legs and much of his right arm, just a month before he was expecting to return home. “It felt like […]

At least 60 children die in Indian hospital within days as oxygen supply ‘disrupted’

‍At least 60 children died at a public hospital in Gorakhpur in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state within five days after a private firm allegedly cut off oxygen supply due to unpaid bills. Authorities said an inquiry has been launched but declined the allegation that oxygen shortage caused the fatalities. Subscribe to us on YouTube: […]

A New Approach in Eliminating Avoidable Blindness. | Dennis Nkanga | TEDxCalabar

Every second an adult goes blind. Every minute a child goes blind. Nine out of ten blind people live in developing countries. Nearly 1.5 million Nigerians are blind, yet 85% of this 1.5 million people are avoidably blind. There are about 9 million visually-impaired persons in Nigeria. If priority attention is not given, this number […]

Can we predict how we respond to medicines? | Philip Hamann | TEDxBathUniversity

Phil’s talk will open your eyes to the new world of personalised medicine and how to predict the future with real world data! Phil is a rheumatology doctor and researcher who is fascinated by how patterns from real-world data of patients can help us understand how people respond to treatments in medicine. His exciting research […]

Your Brain Should be Going Places | Tish Hevel | TEDxCincinnati

There is a critical, urgent need for people to make arrangements now to donate their brains when they die. Neuroscientists require this tissue to solve the mysteries of brain disease, which now impacts more than 50 million Americans ~ more than one in five of us., @braindonorproj Tish Hevel is a communications professional […]

Virtuálna realita-možnosti v medicíne | Tomáš Brngál | TEDxBratislava

Tomáš nás vo svojom pútavom rozprávaní prevedie cestou tvorby aplikácie pre medikov a možnosťami využitia virtuálnej reality v medicíne. Taktiež ponúka odpoveď na otázku, či technológie nahradia v budúcnosti doktorov. Tvrdí, že technológií sa netreba báť, ale využiť ich vo svoj prospech. Pretože na prvom mieste je pacient. Tomáš Brngál je absolvent Lekárskej fakulty Univerzity […]

Venezuela in crisis: 2 opposition leaders jailed amidst non-stop protests

Inside the once wealthy country now rife with hunger and fear because of horrific food and medicine shortages.

Empowering the Patient: Holistic Cancer Care | Claire Berggren | TEDxYouth@SAS

Claire Berggren demonstrates the importance of holistic cancer treatment as she narrates her twin brother’s story of survival and struggle as a cancer patient. She stresses treating the entire patient, mind, body and soul. Claire Berggren is a senior at Singapore American School. She saw a different side of life when her twin brother was […]

Yes, Cannabis is Federally Illegal, and Things are Rapidly Changing! | Kelly Olgivie | TEDxUofW

Kelly Ogilvie expounds upon the medical applications of a non-psychoactive compound from the cannabis plant. He further investigates the unique grassroots movement pushing the cannabis industry forward. Kelly currently serves as CEO of DeepCell Industries, a technology development company focusing on the cannabis industry. As a long-time entrepreneur and lover of science and technology, Kelly […]

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