How to be less ordinary | Natalia Talkowska | TEDxDIT

Natalia Talkowska is the founder of Natalka Design – creative agency specialising in visual communication delivering projects globally, helping people think and do more creatively, visualising ideas and innovating how we communicate. They’re experts in turning often complex messages in pitches and campaigns into simple visual narratives in an easy to understand, memorable way, to […]

Changing Cities and Evolving Lives | Susan Fitzgerald | TEDxDalhousieU

Susan Fitzgerald, a renowned architect who teaches at Dalhousie University discusses how design changes in cities help individuals adapt when life changes. Susan Fitzgerald is an architect, interior designer and part-time Assistant Professor of Practice at Dalhousie University. She is a partner at Fowler Bauld & Mitchell Ltd. and the director of the design-build-research practice, […]

Looking back on Illness | Sanford Hare | TEDxDalhousieU

Sanford discusses his experience and treatment of Guillain-Barre syndrome. He highlights how unexpected it was to experience such a debilitating condition and how he built himself up afterwards. Sanford Hare is a third-year neuroscience and biochemistry student at Dalhousie. Originating from Halifax, he is passionate about music, healthcare, and supporting community organizations that value well-being […]

The Jihad of a Sufi Life in the Times of Terrorism | Afsar Mohammad | TEDxBrynMawrCollege

Afsar Mohammad discusses how terrorism and in turn, inaccurate perceptions of Islam, have affected the Sufi life. His current work focuses on the local manifestations of Sufism in South Asia. Afsar Mohammad is an internationally acclaimed scholar and public intellectual in the fields of Islam. He is a celebrated poet and short story writer in […]

La pleine conscience au cœur du changement | Geneviève Hamelet | TEDxArtsetMetiersLille

Geneviève Hamelet cherche à expliquer les bienfaits de la méditation et les besoins dans notre société d’être plus conscient. Diplômée en sophrologie Caycédienne, cette enseignante en MBSR (méditation de la pleine conscience) ayant étudié le bouddhisme Theravada et Vajrayana depuis 25 ans, elle traduit également de nombreux maîtres de ces traditions. This talk was given […]

LGBT Rights – We’ve Come Far, But are We Done Yet? | Stuart Konfron | TEDxDrakeU

This talk redefines the idea of progress of LGBTQ equality that has been achieved in the U.S. With the Supreme Court ruling in 2015, same-sex marriage became legal nationwide. This has prompted a general feeling of closure, accomplishment, and a “work’s all done” attitude. However, as Stuart’s talk illustrates, the issue is much more complicated […]

Teaching as Storyholding: a Lesson in Selfhood | Sarah Brown-Wessling | TEDxDrakeU

This talk is a lesson-story for teachers and for students. It’s for parents and it’s for writers. It’s for women who leave their husbands and must re-imagine their 40-something selves. It’s for anyone who wonders if it all would have been easier to not walk through that door. Sarah has been a high school English […]

How I found the truths behind my childhood fairytales | Josefin Ekermann | TEDxDornbirn

Josefin grew up with a Peruvian father and a Swedish mother. Since a very young age she was told stories about her aunt Augusta that founded the Peruvian guerrilla movement Shining Path. Augusta was the heroine, the family jewel, the untouchable. When Josefin took part in a documentary where she discovered Peru’s history she found […]

A cinematic life in the light | Irene Nikolopoulou | TEDxChalkida

From the big screen of her dad’s cinema, to the TV where she worked for 27 years, and now on the smaller screen of her tablet. A life journey on the screen. Irene Nikolopoulou is a journalist, one of the longest – standing presenters of news and programmes on Greek television. She made a name […]

Une histoire Edifiante, Début de Jeunes Aabir Sabil | Loubna Maaroufi | TEDxAsfi

Loubna raconte son expérience et son choc après le décès de sa soeur, ce qui l’a poussé à rejoindre l’association Aabir Sabil Présidente de l’Association Abir Sabil. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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