Stigmatizácia sexbiznisu v praxi | Iveta Chovancová | TEDxBratislava

Iveta nám vo svojom emotívnom rozprávaní ponúka odpoveď, čo môžme urobiť tu a teraz pre ženy pracujúce v sexbiznise. Ako spoločnosť totiž často krát odscudzujeme tieto ženy bez toho, aby sme vedeli, čo stálo za ich rozhodnutím. Iveta sa snaží rúcať mýty, ktoré panujú o týchto ženách. Stigmatizácia žien pracujúcich žien v sexbiznise totiž vedie […]

Hunger Isn’t Sexy | Elizabeth Wight | TEDxModesto Because hunger doesn’t always look the way we expect it to in America, it can be easy to dismiss it as a problem that doesn’t really apply to us, but fighting food insecurity ethically on a local level impacts lives in unexpected ways. Elizabeth (Greenlee) Wight is CEO of Interfaith Ministries in Modesto, and […]

The meaning of roots and America’s last real conservative | Andrew Marr | TEDxCambridgeUniversity

Without big, unorthodox thinkers, we are flying blind. A Scottish journalist and television presenter. Andrew is most well known for hosting The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One as well as his work as a political commentator, editor of The Independent, and political editor of BBC News. This talk was given at a TEDx event […]

いじめを語る上で大人が向き合うべき大切なこと | Mariko Mashimo | TEDxHimi

An important thing that adults should consider when discussing bullying Mariko Mashimo, a passionate lawyer tackling the issue of bullying, creates her own workshop on bullying for middle and high school students. However, she gets shocked when she faces the fact that there is an unexpectedly large number of people who respond to her bullying […]

Parenting a Gender Non-Conforming Child | Michele Yulo | TEDxUtica

I believe there are preconceived notions of how raising a child will go in terms of gender. We prepare ourselves in completely different ways when we learn we are having a boy or a girl and this is reinforced and policed from the second a child is born and beyond. But what happens when your […]

We were born to be heroes | Mai Borham | TEDxAinShamsU

We were born to be heroes, and only heroes are the ones who pass by hard times that shape their personalities and motivate them to face the reality with a different perspective and fearless hearts How many times do we rant about the world’s unfairness just because our cores got tested by the creator? How […]

La boîte qui met la boîte dans la boîte | Théo Guérini | TEDxToulouse

Théo Guérini, co-fondateur de la startup Unity-Cube créée par 5 ingénieur(e)s et architectes. Loger décemment les personnes en difficulté est un enjeu de société majeur, mais reste un casse-tête que parfois seules des solutions originales peuvent résoudre dans toute sa complexité. Leur concept a pour ambition d’aménager des immeubles de bureaux vides en hébergements d’urgence […]

Why We Hate the Status Quo | Melody Warnick | TEDxFargo

Melody Warnick, the ​author of “This Is Where You Belong,” struggles with restlessness — the periodic desire to start over somewhere, anywhere, else. In this entertaining talk, she shares how a simple cure can help you put down roots and become happier where you already are. After 13 years of chronic moving, Melody Warnick managed […]

The Ism of Race | Dennis Febo | TEDxJerseyCity

In the spirit of diversity and multiculturalism, this presentation explores our common understanding of race, and drives to enhance such understanding to the point where its integration increases performance and productivity. This exploration also serves to deconstruct many of the models presented to us that create division to the point of dehumanization, so as to […]

Becoming a Wounded Healer | Laurie Works | TEDxJacksonHole

How can one ethically become a “wounded healer”? Laurie discusses her own wounds – surviving childhood with mentally ill parents, the murder of her sisters in a shooting, and how her divorce catalyzed her healing journey. This intentional journey of recovery has enabled her to become a present and effective healer. Laurie Works grew up […]

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