Stigmatizácia sexbiznisu v praxi | Iveta Chovancová | TEDxBratislava

Iveta nám vo svojom emotívnom rozprávaní ponúka odpoveď, čo môžme urobiť tu a teraz pre ženy pracujúce v sexbiznise. Ako spoločnosť totiž často krát odscudzujeme tieto ženy bez toho, aby sme vedeli, čo stálo za ich rozhodnutím. Iveta sa snaží rúcať mýty, ktoré panujú o týchto ženách. Stigmatizácia žien pracujúcich žien v sexbiznise totiž vedie […]

いじめを語る上で大人が向き合うべき大切なこと | Mariko Mashimo | TEDxHimi

An important thing that adults should consider when discussing bullying Mariko Mashimo, a passionate lawyer tackling the issue of bullying, creates her own workshop on bullying for middle and high school students. However, she gets shocked when she faces the fact that there is an unexpectedly large number of people who respond to her bullying […]

From a Refugee to PhD | Dina Radeljas | TEDxUtica

A child’s journey that starts in 1990’s in a war torn country of Bosnia; which continues to a refugee camp in Pakistan and ends in Utica, NY. Dina tells her story from a perspective of a refugee child in a refugee camp far away from home (Pakistan) to a path of resettlement here in Utica, […]

From Open Data to Open Knowledge | Eileen Wagner | TEDxUniHeidelberg

In her TEDx Talk Eileen shows us that every community possesses a treasure: an enormous amount of data, which, if appropriately analysed, may be used to improve traffic organization, energy consumption or scientific research. Open data promotes the idea that access to these data should be freely available to everyone. In her TEDx Talk, Eileen […]

Being doctor to the reluctant patient | Dr. Prakash Amte | TEDxBIMTECH

The only option he had was to let the tribals die like everyone else was, or do something about it. And that’s exactly what he did. This talk inspires everyone to see the rest of the iceberg that are the tribals, and how they are, at the end of the day, just humans like us. […]

The Value of Human Rights | Cathleen Caga-anan | TEDxADMU

Cathleen Caga-anan is the program director of the Women’s Desk of the Ateneo De Manila University. She poses the question of what is the value of human rights and dignity, especially in times like these. It’s very easy to forget about human rights when comfortable, but what happens when that comfort is stripped away? Cathleen […]

The Theory to gain Control of Your Life | Jody Lee Dontje | TEDxBirgunj

Have you ever doubted yourself, felt inadequate, disempowered and lacking confidence in reaching your full potential and truly following your passion? Have you ever felt like life is slipping away, that you are losing a sense of control over your own choices? Jody is passionate about sharing her theory of the 3 C’s, and how […]

You Can Be Who You Want To Be | Sridhar Rangayan | TEDxICTMumbai

Sridhar Rangayan, a filmmaker and gay activist, talks about how every entity is a combination of body, mind and soul, and how ‘you can be who you want to be’ if you are able to harmonize these entities. Sridhar Rangayan wears many caps-of a filmmaker, writer, activist and festival director. He has consistently strived to […]

Sensible Solution to Climate Change. | Nnimmo Bassey | TEDxCalabar

Climate change is triggered mainly by society’s continual reliance on fossil fuels. The upsurge in global temperatures are due largely to the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. The world is being cooked on carbon fires. But are we willing to tackle this problem at the roots? Or are we avoiding taking real actions, […]

How inhumane can we be… | Akwasi Opong-Fosu | TEDxAsfi

illustration, via examples, of how humans can be unhuman in dealing with eachother. Analyste politique et ancien Ministre du Développement de Ghana. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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