Freediver creates underwater wingsuit

Monaco-born freediver Pierre Frolla has created an underwater wingsuit that allows users to glide through the water with minimal movement. He hopes this new technology and attire will allow divers to get easily get closer to marine life and increase awareness about the fragility of the oceans and its ecosystems. Subscribe to us on YouTube: […]

Booming tourism raises environmental concerns in Montenegro

Labeled the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, Boka Kotorska Bay is the crown jewel of Montenegro’s tourism industry, with many of its towns designated UNESCO heritage sites. The beautiful local scenery attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually to this small European country. However, this has come with a hefty environmental price tag, with huge cruisers […]

Climate change turning Antarctica green, but why?

Australian researchers say Antarctica’s climate is changing at an alarming rate, from melting ice to warming temperatures. But as there isn’t a lot of historical data available, it’s difficult to simply blame global warming, or understand precisely why. They say questions that need to be answered are: why and how these changes might impact the […]

Australia to kill over 1 million kangaroos in 2017

Australia to kill over 1 million kangaroos in 2017

They may be Australia’s national symbol but kangaroos are creating a headache Down Under. Now authorities say they plan to kill over 1 million kangaroos to protect the environment. Their growing population poses a threat to the country’s ecosystem. Kangaroos can also become very violent when their habitat overlaps with urban areas. Subscribe to us […]

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