Predecir el futuro es crearlo hoy | Daniella Garcia | TEDxElMolino

Soñar con un futuro exitoso para nuestros niños requiere pensar en un cambio en la educación actual que incluya a la tecnología como conocimiento imprescindible a la hora de afrontar los desafíos futuros del mercado laboral y como parte fundamental para el desarrollo social y económico del país. Daniella Garcia, ingeniera de sistemas, fundadora CEO […]

From Open Data to Open Knowledge | Eileen Wagner | TEDxUniHeidelberg

In her TEDx Talk Eileen shows us that every community possesses a treasure: an enormous amount of data, which, if appropriately analysed, may be used to improve traffic organization, energy consumption or scientific research. Open data promotes the idea that access to these data should be freely available to everyone. In her TEDx Talk, Eileen […]

9/11 impact on Europe

Europe has seen a surge of terrorist incidents since 2015, and while the perpetrators of most of the attacks have been home-grown, the migrant crisis engulfing the continent has also seen some terrorists posing as refugees. How can Europe ensure that its citizens aren’t radicalized? We turn to our panel to find out: Yang Mingjie, […]

LIVE – Floor of the NYSE! Sept. 8, 2017 Financial News – Business News – Stock News – Market News

Watch Us LIVE from the Floor of NYSE! September 8, 2017 Financial News – Business News – Stock News – Market News – Stock Exchange CLICK HERE➡ ➡ Business News – Financial News – Stock News — New York Stock Exchange — Market News 2017 Business News – Financial News – Stock Exchange — […]

L’industrie créatrice | Kevin Franco | TEDxArtsetMetiersLille

Comment faire prospérer son entreprise de façon écologique ? C’est le défi relevé et réussi par Pocheco, une entreprise de fabrication d’enveloppes, qui depuis plus de 20 ans développe son business plan autour de l’écologie. Salarié de Pocheco, Kevin Franco nous propose de découvrir l’écolonomie, cette doctrine qui aujourd’hui lui permet d’affirmer haut et fort […]

Will Nicolas Maduro survive the political crisis?

President Nicolas Maduro goes ahead with plans to rewrite the constitution of Venezuela. With falling oil prices and US economic sanctions, people in the country are suffering a lack of medicines, food, and money. After months of protests, Maduro went ahead with a constituent assembly election, which took place Sunday, boycotted by the opposition. Although […]

3 Commando Secrets for Motivation | Major Deepak Iyer (Retd) | TEDxCMRIT

Major Deepak Iyer gives an insight into the army lifestyle and speaks about his transition from working as a trained combat paratrooper to being a Strategy Consultant at McKinsey. He lists out the principles that he lives by, and explains the importance following your passion while leaving your mark on the world. Watch this video […]

Innovative housing for the urban poor | Rhea Silva | TEDxGSMC

Affordable housing is a challenge globally faced today, with about 235 million households worldwide suffering with housing poverty. Working on the same, Rhea founded Chototel, with a vision to deliver a product that will help change the way the world houses its people. Watch as she ends up, disapproving the widely held perception that social […]

Banking upon the bank | Viral Acharya | TEDxGSMC

Watch Viral Acharya talking on a Bank as the life blood of economy, why it is perceived to be something one can “bank” upon, when such confidence breaks down, and the consequences that can have on the economy. Viral Acharya is an Indian economist and the Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India. Prior to […]

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