Booming 020 delivery industry in China exposes deliverymen to severe traffic risk.

Traffic accidents caused by takeaway deliverymen brought the total first half year’s number of accidents to 76 in Shanghai, and one rider will be killed or injured in every two days. The huge market of China’s O2O takeaway industry leads to impressive economic gains, as well as profound traffic risk to their delivery staff, for […]

Woman survives miraculously in truck run-over incident in east China

A horrifying video footage shows a woman on motorbike was hit by a semi-trailer truck and thrown under the truck at an intersection on Friday in Jurong City, east China’s Jiangsu Province. She was rushed to the hospital immediately. Miraculously, the victim sustained only minor injuries in the accident. Subscribe to us on YouTube: […]

Six injured after car crashes into laundromat

Six people were injured, three seriously, after a car crashed into a laundromat in New York on Sunday morning. The 74-year-old driver accidentally put the car into reverse while trying to park, crashing into the building, according to authorities. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our […]

Two children thrown out of car as cars crash in SW China

Scary video shows two children thrown out of a car as two cars crashed in southwest China’s Chongqing on August 24. The children were playing in the back seat when the accident happened. Fortunately, the two children were not injured. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download […]

Semi-truck driver smashes into Houston freeway sign

Semi-truck driver smashes into a Houston freeway sign on 23 August, as the driver did not realize that the trailer attached behind him was raised. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: […]

Deliveryman rescues driver of a crashed car that fell into a river

Two cars collided in a road accident in Shanghai, China on Tuesday. One of the car was thrown off the road and plunged into a river. A deliveryman, who witnessed the accident, jumped into the water and rescued the driver by pulling him out of the car after smashing the window. Subscribe to us on […]

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