Predecir el futuro es crearlo hoy | Daniella Garcia | TEDxElMolino

Soñar con un futuro exitoso para nuestros niños requiere pensar en un cambio en la educación actual que incluya a la tecnología como conocimiento imprescindible a la hora de afrontar los desafíos futuros del mercado laboral y como parte fundamental para el desarrollo social y económico del país. Daniella Garcia, ingeniera de sistemas, fundadora CEO […]

Let children play | Alex Elliott Lockhart | TEDxBasel

In an age where the steps of the cognitive process are under ever increasing pressure to be quantified, Alex Elliot Lockhart proposes returning to a simpler approach. Through play, we can allow children to achieve flow by exploring the world on their own terms. The intro animation was produced as a collaboration between TEDxBasel and […]

Drummunity | Lori Fithian | TEDxLivoniaCCLibrary

Join Lori Fithian for a rhythm break – she’ll bring the drums, EVERYONE gets to play!! Get into a different part of your brain and improvise – add your sound to our community groove! Lori Fithian has been leading her “Drummunity!” programs and rhythm workshops since 1998. She grew up in a musical family, starting […]

建築によって忘れてしまったものを、建築によって思い出す | Kentaro Yamazaki | TEDxHimi

Bringing back the memories that architecture has made us forget through architecture “I will create architecture that makes not only my clientele but also everyone who comes in touch with it happy,” says Kentaro Yamazaki. Things start to change when he undertakes a project in Okinawa in 2012. His works become deeper as he starts […]

Real action to be taken by China, US for int’l manhunts, cybersecurity

High-level officials from China and the US have wrapped up a meeting in Washington, which looked at ways of improving their cooperation on issues such as cyberspace security and the repatriation of fugitives. It is the first Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity Dialogue between China and the US, an initiative that was called for by the […]

Construire demain avec les outils d’hier? | David Dräyer | TEDxMartigny

Construire un monde plus durable, en laissant de côté un monde de compétition pour s’approcher d’un monde de collaboration. Pour cela, David Dräyer nous encourage à remettre en question notre vision de l’argent et de la création monétaire, de même que nos systèmes d’organisation hiérarchiques. Les remettre en question et prendre comme bases la confiance […]

Immigrants: A Critical Part of American Science | Simon Friedman | TEDxUMKC

The U.S. research enterprise has historically been a juggernaut that drives forward both the economy and quality of life.  This success has to no small degree benefitted from immigrants from all over the world.  The formula is simple:  take the best people, from wherever they come from, and give them resources to pursue their science.  […]

Macron: Cooperation with Merkel is vital for Europe

French President Emmanuel Macron has congratulated German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her election win. He took to Twitter and said “we will continue our essential cooperation with determination for Europe and for our countries.” Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): […]

Competitive Humility | Sam Litt | TEDxYouth@Vail

Sam Litt challenges us to be both competitive and humble. Sam treats us to the best of both his worlds. Sam delivers his talks nationally. Curious, creative, and always ready to question the world around him, Sam has been ever the enthusiast for trying new things and having his voice heard. As a member of […]

Japanese PM calls for deeper economic and military ties with India

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is conducting his first official visit to India and has called for greater economic cooperation and stronger security ties with India during his two-day trip to the country. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): […]

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