Characteristics of a Future City – Wilderness, Farms & Smart | Brendan “Speedie” Smith | TEDxGalway

Brendan “Speedie Smith looks at the need to bring nature back into our everyday urban lives. Using Galway as an example he makes the case that, as well as relying on smart technologies, cities have to be characterised by organic farms, community gardens, waterways, outdoor classrooms, Greenways and local community stake holders. This talk was […]

Why We Hate the Status Quo | Melody Warnick | TEDxFargo

Melody Warnick, the ​author of “This Is Where You Belong,” struggles with restlessness — the periodic desire to start over somewhere, anywhere, else. In this entertaining talk, she shares how a simple cure can help you put down roots and become happier where you already are. After 13 years of chronic moving, Melody Warnick managed […]

The Fastest Way to Get Around Atlanta | Akwetee Watkins | TEDxTheWestminsterSchools

Akwetee Watkins describes why cycling is the fastest and best way to get around the city. He shares how cycling is safer than most people may think and whole lot of fun. Westminster science teacher This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. […]

Rules can always be changed | Ryosuke Kimura & Makoto Matsuura | TEDxTokushimaU

Mini Future City is a project idea designed to allow children to create a “future city” on their own. In this experiment, money and people move primarily by trust. Some of the things which come up from the children’s activities are questions such as, “What do we use money for?” and ”What are rules for?” […]

Top 5 Facts: Best and Worst Cities to Live In

Top 5 Facts: Best and Worst Cities to Live In // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW Be sure to visit our Suggest Tool and Submit Ideas that you would like to see made into Top 10 videos! If you want to read The Economist article yourself, and get access to the data, check it […]

A house made of plastic is possible | Oscar Mendez | TEDxCibeles Cómo se puede atacar dos problemas y genera una misma solución que represente gran valor colectivo e individual. No es fácil, pero Oscar Mendez tiene un proyecto entre manos que puede cambiar la vida de muchos, incluso ya lo ha hecho con algunas personas, incluso familias enteras. Oscar es el cofundador de Conceptos Plasticos, […]

Changing Cities and Evolving Lives | Susan Fitzgerald | TEDxDalhousieU

Susan Fitzgerald, a renowned architect who teaches at Dalhousie University discusses how design changes in cities help individuals adapt when life changes. Susan Fitzgerald is an architect, interior designer and part-time Assistant Professor of Practice at Dalhousie University. She is a partner at Fowler Bauld & Mitchell Ltd. and the director of the design-build-research practice, […]

Frontiers : a humanity necessity ? | François Chauvancy | TEDxCelsa

Borders force you to stop, to think for a moment. Borders request you to define how you relate to them with this necessary debate over respecting or crossing them. They are a necessary filter that make humanity go ahead and help it control its natural instincts. You need borders to deepen your thoughts before making […]

Feeding your soul, creating a network. | Asad Abid | TEDxSIESCASC

It is not easy succeeding in the media, or any path of life without the right connections and network to rely upon. Mr. Asad Abid lays out what he thinks had been the key factors in his ladder to success and highlights the importance of creating a network that one can trust. Having realised early […]

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