Permakultúra – môže zveľadenie kúska zeme zachrániť svet? | Patrícia Černáková | TEDxBratislava

Permakultúra je spôsob hospodárenia s pôdou udržateľným spôsobom, ktoré sa čo najviac snaží priblížiť prírode. Patricia je diplomovaná permakultúrna dizajnérka a jedna z najväčších odborníčok na permakultúru na Slovensku. Ako dcéra priekopníka permakultúry v bývalom Československu, Karola Končka, sa s permakultúrou stretávala už od detstva. Vo svojom vystúpení spomína názorné príklady, ako naším konaním ovplyvňujeme […]

The Frog Around Us | Mirza Kusrini | TEDxJakarta

Indonesia is the largest exporter of frog’s legs, but many of her citizen have yet to be acquainted properly with this amphibian. In this talk, Mirza Kusrini explains how we can learn so much about our environment by getting to know them and why we should be worried when they’re not around our house anymore. […]

Sensible Solution to Climate Change. | Nnimmo Bassey | TEDxCalabar

Climate change is triggered mainly by society’s continual reliance on fossil fuels. The upsurge in global temperatures are due largely to the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. The world is being cooked on carbon fires. But are we willing to tackle this problem at the roots? Or are we avoiding taking real actions, […]

L’île de Pâques en trois actes | Micheline Pelletier | TEDxAix

L’ile de Pâques a depuis toujours attiré les hommes, des chasseurs-cueilleurs aux touristes contemporains. Micheline Pelletier s’est passionnée pour cette île et nous fait son récit de l’impact des civilisations humaines sur l’histoire de l’île de Pâques, en trois actes. Micheline Pelletier is a photojournalist. Her first international reporting about equatorial african pygmeas is published […]

Etre agriculteur : un métier multi-tâches aux impacts multi-échelles | Marc-André Henin | TEDxLiège

Etre agriculteur : un métier multi-tâches aux impacts multi-échelles Marc-André HENIN is an agronomist and a farmer in the family farm with his father, brother and sister. In their mixed-dairy livestock farming system, they turn milk (fat part) into butter. In 2009, the farm is converted in organic agriculture and the range of products is […]

Feed Your Microbes – Nurture Your Mind | John Cryan | TEDxHa’pennyBridge

Bacteria in your gut can change your mind? This is what John wants to bring to the forefront of modern microbiology. Understanding the internal biosphere of each individual has in them today can lead to the creation of a simple capsule can cure bowl illnesses. He is also a Principal Investigator at the APC Microbiome […]

Conservation Education: How to Avoid Nature’s Eclipse | Patricia McDaniel | TEDxJeffersonCollege

In this talk, Dr. McDaniel explores the power of education to empower communities to save their natural resources and environment. Through a recount of her projects and travels, she provides a model of how conservation education can be the key to maintaining the beauty of our natural world Dr. McDaniel is a graduate of St. […]

Biodiversité : Dépendants et solidaires? | Laurent Debas | TEDxAix

Biodiversity is about understanding how our own lives fit into a much more complex, and wider ecosystem. How can we search and implement the best solutions, involving the right stakeholders, to design a better collective future? Holding a PhD in aquatic sciences, Laurent Debas is an expert of all issues in aquaculture, fisheries and costal […]

L’avenir de la biodivertsité entre les mains des femmes | Julie Garnier | TEDxÉcolePolytechnique

La conservation de la biodiversité n’a d’avenir que si les communautés indigènes en retrouve le rôle de gardiens. En rompant le cycle de pauvreté qui affectent ces communautés, et en valorisant le travail traditionnel, cette conservation serait sauvée. Pionnière de la conservation durable des écosystèmes et espèces les plus menacées de la planète qui l’a […]

China starts second scientific expedition on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

China has kicked off its second scientific expedition on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.The expedition aims to study changes in climate, biodiversity and environment over the past decades. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Watch CGTN Live: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): Follow us on: […]

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