Stigmatizácia sexbiznisu v praxi | Iveta Chovancová | TEDxBratislava

Iveta nám vo svojom emotívnom rozprávaní ponúka odpoveď, čo môžme urobiť tu a teraz pre ženy pracujúce v sexbiznise. Ako spoločnosť totiž často krát odscudzujeme tieto ženy bez toho, aby sme vedeli, čo stálo za ich rozhodnutím. Iveta sa snaží rúcať mýty, ktoré panujú o týchto ženách. Stigmatizácia žien pracujúcich žien v sexbiznise totiž vedie […]

How Horses Are The Window To Our Souls and Help Us Heal | Mary Poupon | TEDxDanbury

Psychiatric Clinician Mary Poupon discuss his work in Equine Assisted Therapy and how it has helped Newtown children cope with trauma of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Mary A. Poupon is an advanced practice psychiatric nurse/psychiatric nurse practitioner licensed to practice in CT and NY. She completed her graduate education at Columbia University and is published […]

Hollywood stars speak out amid Weinstein scandal

New York Times reporter Megan Twohey, who broke the story of misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, speaks to “GMA” about the fallout for Weinstein and how she overcame the alleged code of silence within the Weinstein Company.

Do business schools develop leadership? Not often. | Amanda Nimon-Peters | TEDxHultAshridge

Dr. Amanda Nimon-Peters is a behavioural scientist. In this provocative and challenging talk, she suggests that business schools typically do not develop their students to be stronger leaders because they do not specifically target leadership behaviour development as an outcome. A former dean at Hult International Business School in Dubai, she is now the head […]


TED is the infamous idea-sharing platform that has given ideas and issues from every corner of the world a global stage. TEDxYouth@StJohns takes this model to the community level — in our case, creating an event designed by youth, for youth, all under the age of 30. Elizabeth Tuck is a grade 12 student who […]

Future of Human Behavior and Mindset | Praveen Parameswar | TEDxVazhuthacaud

Praveen Parameswar focuses on how behavioural patterns change in a human and what is the future of their behavior and Mind in the future. He stresses on how People react and future of Job sector in the “Age of Unknown” Praveen Parameswar, an emerging Organization Development (OD) Strategist, lifologist, and researcher in ‘Human Behaviour’, is […]

Competitive Humility | Sam Litt | TEDxYouth@Vail

Sam Litt challenges us to be both competitive and humble. Sam treats us to the best of both his worlds. Sam delivers his talks nationally. Curious, creative, and always ready to question the world around him, Sam has been ever the enthusiast for trying new things and having his voice heard. As a member of […]

How to be less ordinary | Natalia Talkowska | TEDxDIT

Natalia Talkowska is the founder of Natalka Design – creative agency specialising in visual communication delivering projects globally, helping people think and do more creatively, visualising ideas and innovating how we communicate. They’re experts in turning often complex messages in pitches and campaigns into simple visual narratives in an easy to understand, memorable way, to […]

Rethinking Personal Branding | Yvonne Ebbi | TEDxCalabar

Most of us or perhaps, all of us – like people who stand out and stand tall in crowded spaces. We enjoy their visibility and we like the fact that their symbol, style and name go to places they may never go, and descend to depths they may never know. But we may not know […]

An Unconventional Way To Shatter Glass Ceiling. | Audrey Joe-Ezigbo | TEDxCalabar

The conversation about the needs of women are met with snide and sometimes out rightly hostile remarks. Culture and religion have given women a construct of submission at all costs. Society has internalized a double standard that allows women to either bow down and accept the status quo, or be treated like outcasts and oddities […]

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