iPhone SE Video Review

The iPhone SE which we have decided to review in this video is one of the most interesting handsets available out there right now. That’s because it puts the specs of a high-end powerful smartphone, inside a 4-inch form factor.

With this phone, you are getting the powerful Apple A9 chipset and the same camera as the one on the iPhone 6S. Despite this, the iPhone SE is the cheapest iPhone ever, at Rs 39000 or $399.

Let’s have a look at whether or not it’s worth that much cash.

Update: After using the iPhone SE for just about 10 days, the device had developed some pretty ugly scratches on its side surfaces which are made from aluminum. A case is definitely recommended for those who like to keep their handsets scratch-free. As a result of this, we are changing the rating for this phone from 4.5 stars to 4 stars.


To read the complete review, head over to this link:

iPhone SE Review: Less is more?


To see an unboxing video of the iPhone SE click on this link:


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