How UCT Experiences Better Performance on AWS While Saving 60% in Infrastructure Costs with Mactores

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Organizations looking to improve the speed and flexibility of their SAP deployments often look to the cloud, but don’t always know where to begin with migrating their business-critical applications. For a seamless SAP adoption, organizations need to follow a framework that allows them to re-think their operational processes to increase business agility and optimize their infrastructure costs. Join the upcoming webinar with Mactores, AWS, and Ultra Clean Holding (UCT) to learn best practices for deploying SAP workloads on AWS and how UCT migrated their on-premises ERP to AWS with zero downtime. Mactores leverages their 360-degree strategy to perform an in-depth assessment of business and technical aspects, that helps organizations plan their SAP adoption on AWS by getting the most out of AWS services and features.

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