Hero Highlight: McCree [Is it high noon?]

Hero Highlight: McCree [Is it high noon?]

[CORRECTION] I said McCree does 70 DMG, but since I created the video, he’s been patched to do 45 DMG.

So I know that to you this is just some other video in your sub box and you just clicked on it now as you sat down to take a shit or to throw your tampon away (equality? Equality) and you notice it is just short enough for you to view while you take a shit. So right now if you are reading this, you are reading me (Snizzy) talking to you about you taking shits. How fucking meta is that, bro? If you are pooping make sure you leave a comment below with all the details.

Also I decided that I would start featuring smaller channels in these descriptions and seeing if anyone would even notice.

Featured: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVG9vxNoThzkZh_cTwfAmxA

There. Click on this assholes videos. Anyways, links as usual below.

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