I Was Here | Maisie Hicks, Sophia Tsouvallaris & Jamie Lee Grant | TEDxYouth@Harlow

This three-piece performance group show their desire to make a difference and reach out to those who need it in their world by performing a cover of Beyonce’s ‘I Was Here’. Maisie has been in love with music since a young child and spends most of her time either learning music or composing her own. […]

When facing addiction, get back up | Paul Churchill | TEDxYouth@Vail

Addiction doesn’t stand in the way of success in Biz for recovering addict Paul Churchill. Paul speaks about how the only thing that matters is getting back up after failure or defeat. In 2006, Paul Churchill moved to Granada Spain where he purchased a bar. In the following three years he became a dependent on […]

Fine | Skyler Runke | TEDxYouth@Vail

How does a semi-closeted, bisexual girl who has anxiety and depression, self harms, and comes from a broken family survive? In this poignant talk, Skyler Runke explores the nature of depression and societal standards, takes us into the moment of her attempted suicide, and allows us to journey with her in the discovery of acceptance […]

Why we tell stories | Brennecke Gale | TEDxYouth@Vail

Brennecke Gale surprises you with a deep “dive” into the history of storytelling. Hold your breath as this Colorado poet reveals her connection to the ocean, her own past, and how that connects us all… Brennecke has grown up in awe of the life around her; be it found in her huge family or discovered […]

The Yet Effect | Lydia Loupe | TEDxYouth@Vail

Lydia Loupe examines how the switch from a fixed to a growth mindset can help us move forward. With high school and all its pressures at the front of her mind, Lydia puts perfection in its place. Lydia Loupe has been writing and journaling since elementary school, and always looks for chances to meet new […]

Live Well | Kailyn Forsberg | TEDxYouth@Vail

When Kailyn Forsberg was paralyzed in a skiing accident, this once-competative freestylist had to face her future in a wheelchair. This sparked her to reevaluate her life, and in her talk she enlightens us with some of her revelations, urging us to live our best lives. This is a deeply personal and moving story, one […]

Competitive Humility | Sam Litt | TEDxYouth@Vail

Sam Litt challenges us to be both competitive and humble. Sam treats us to the best of both his worlds. Sam delivers his talks nationally. Curious, creative, and always ready to question the world around him, Sam has been ever the enthusiast for trying new things and having his voice heard. As a member of […]

Inside GenerNATION: Ideas changing the way we connect with elders | Remy Lovett | TEDxYouth@Vail

Remy Lovett gets the young and old together matter in this creatively researched talk on the interaction between today’s youth and elders. Remy’s master’s thesis playfully comes to life, which includes her own gramma’s story and what pushed her to study these relationships in the first place. When Remy Lovett began her quest as an […]

The Education Revolution We Need | Jason Glass | TEDxYouth@Vail

Jason Glass, former Supertintendent of Eagle County School District, dives into the prevailing factory model in today’s education system, and looks to the future for a more meaningful education for youth. Jason E. Glass is the Superintendent of Eagle County Schools in Colorado. Previously, Jason was Iowa’s Director of Education – serving as the state’s […]

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